Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Prospecting: Just Another Broken New Year’s Resolution?

I belong to several blogs and groups within Linkedin that focus on selling.  When discussing cold calling and prospecting, there is overwhelming suggestions for best practices. 
Responses range from “Old School” approaches of smiling / dialing, to newer trigger based prospecting techniques.  The central theme:  Prospecting is a necessity to consistent sales performance.
What is concerning was when asked for metrics and measurements to manage the requisite amount of prospecting occurs, the silence was deafening. 
This experience left me with the impression that prospecting is similar to a common New Year’s resolution for becoming healthier.  Sales people know prospecting is a key to success.  Each year many plan to start “going to the gym” and prospect on a regular basis. However, much the same as many “healthy” New Year’s resolutions, the prospecting gym card goes underutilized.
So what plans / measurements do you have in place for yourself / sales team to prospect?