Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Marketing Mind & The Sales Psyche - Where do you Fit?

As we delve deeper into causes of the divide between sales and marketing, we thought it necessary to take a peek from 30,000ft and define the characteristics of a marketing mind versus a sales psyche.  Our hope is to uncover the similarities, as well as the differences between these two very important roles in an organization.  Here are some of our discoveries. Where do you fit?



What does this mean in terms of the divide
We need to appreciate our individual skills sets and use our attributes for the better of the organization; then, we can truly learn who, when and why to nurture. Sales and marketing will no longer act as two disparate minds, but become one cohesive unit. 

1.     Just because sales and marketing minds may work differently doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t all play in the same sandbox. This means creating open lines of communication between departments, whether it is over coffee, that mandatory Monday meeting, or just stopping by at each other’s desks.

2.     Marketing folks – Don’t think that once you created a list full of possible leads that you are done for the day—to really qualify leads, you need to know what is happening in your targeted companies.  Do your research; we know you are all information seekers. You may deliver less quantity, but we promise you will deliver better, more qualified leads that the Sales team will be satisfied with, and they may even come by to say thank you.

3.     Sales folks –Don’t be lone wolves, let marketing folks join you on a sales visit, so they can really listen to the pain points of your leads and clients and create better targeted messaging. Everyone will benefit from more communication and stronger understandings of what one another contribute to the organization.

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