Thursday, March 15, 2012

If Only We Had a List of Triggers to Help Us Find True Love...

Many of us have spent time in bars hoping that we might find that true connection. OK, well, maybe not lasting love, but at least the hopes of a second or third date.  I often wished that if I had been armed with the correct knowledge about the guy sitting next to me, I would know whether or not I was willing to continue the dating process. I wanted something equivalent to event triggers in the business world. Wouldn’t it be easier if we all had our trigger list open for everyone to read? Unfortunately, we don't have these event triggers available to us in the dating world, but we do, however, have the technology to find event triggers in the business world.

We can now know that Company X needs you because they just had a record growth year.  And vice versa, if CEO, Joe Smith just spent the last week watching his furniture get repossessed, wouldn’t you want to know, so you don’t waste valuable time and money going after Mr. Smith?

Firmographic data isn’t updated enough to keep you in the know.  You need dynamic triggers, which can give you the timing you need in order to know whether or not Mr. Smith is moving in to his office or moving out. Or whether, Mr. Right is really as dapper as his Hugo Boss suit appears.

Fortunately the business world is much simpler than the dating world.

How Triggers Work:

Marketers, if you knew that Mr. Smith and his company are having a bad year, you will probably change your messaging accordingly, or wait until Mr. Smith gets a brand new office to deliver your 4Ps.

Sales, because you now know that Mr. Smith is in no position to buy, three things happen:
1.     You won’t waste your time or resource going after a bum deal.
2.     You won’t make Mr. Smith angry, because you try to pitch him something that he just can’t buy.  Don’t make Mr. Smith feel bad; he just declared bankruptcy.
3.     Because you didn’t pummel him with services he didn’t need when he wasn’t ready, when he is back on his feet, not only does he hold no resentment, but also he sees you as a fresh and inviting face.

Timing is everything.  Good luck out there finding Mr. or Mrs. Right!

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