Thursday, April 12, 2012

5 Ways Triggers Help to Avoid Negative Brand Equity

I am not sure if triggers could have helped in the BP oil spill, but certainly for United and Dell, they could have listened a little more closely to their leads and clients, preventing the negative backlash that now, they just can’t shake.

Here are our tips:

1. Provide personal, pointed messaging.  Take segmenting to a whole new level using event triggers. You just discovered that Facebook acquired Instagram; do you have something that Facebook needs?  See your opportunity to provide the right message to the right people, so that they respond.

2. Time your message.  When do you want to send your targeted message and to whom? In other words, read the writing on the wall.  Is it the right time?  Use technology to help you find the right person to send your message to and when. Did they just acquire a new company?

3. Remember: It's not about you; it's about them.  Don't proselytize your product, but LISTEN and commend your leads' and clients' achievements.  For example, Congratulations on your big sales win!

4. Show Authenticity. Be you, in your own voice, demonstrating a keen understanding of both, your product and your prospects’ pain points. Triggers let you show that you have done your research.  Your leads and clients will listen more intently, if they know you know a little bit about them.  Don’t send a template email that doesn’t highlight any of your leads achievements; they can always tell.

5. Create consistency.  Especially in B2B, consistency in the backbone of building trusted, long-lasting relationships with leads and clients at enterprise companies.  Event triggers keep you posted, and let you set up a system for when the best time is to reach out.

Take Away:
Whether it is learning to truly segment lead lists for marketing, or learning to send a personalized email highlighting prospect’s latest achievements for sales, the point is: it is time to pay more attention and be more thoughtful of your clients, leads and prospects. Why? Because this bolsters positive brand equity, letting you truly stand out from other competitors. How do you stand out in the crowd? You deliver a message that will get you heard.  And how do you discover the message? You use triggers to keep you in the know.

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