Thursday, June 14, 2012

Coffee: Good For You; Great For Your Automation System

Remember Glengarry Glen Ross, where Alec Baldwin abrasively declared: “Coffee's for closers”?  Well, keep this in mind as you read on:

Can you relate to my typical day? I wake up and instantaneously check my iPhone: emails, Twitter, and click on the few headlines that grab my attention. The day starts off strong and hyper-focused. 

But, as the day wears on, after I have eaten lunch and I am in the post-prandial torpor slump. (Latin: after eating you get tired - thanks mom, for insisting that I take Latin.)  It is hard to get motivated again.  I have a late afternoon meeting, where if someone mentions, “low hanging fruit” or “synergy” one more time, it is quite possible I will scream.  Can you relate?

Afternoon caffeine boost is mandatory. Pronto. 

Go with me on this analogy: compare your own post-prandial state to that of your marketing automation software and your CRMs. We realize that if you are an enterprise company, you already have fantastic CRMs and marketing automation systems in place with lots of data. But, could they, too, need a midday caffeine boost of event-based triggers?

At iLantern, we talk, think, eat, and breathe triggers. Why? Well, because that is what we sell, and more importantly what we whole-heartedly believe in to help revolutionize smart marketing and smart selling. In the world of Inbound and Cloud-based marketing, it only makes sense to use temporal business intelligence to drive more business for your company—to boost your marketing automation and CRM systems. 

Caffeinate your software. (I better ™that soon, before someone else grabs it.)

I want to clarify what boost means. It means honing in on the right data. In the age of automation, we sometimes forget the importance of quality over quantity.  Sending out mass emails does not work any more.  We did a test to see for ourselves, as well as endless stats from Marketing Sherpa and other great sources to show the need for thoughtful segmentation and timing.  TRIGGERS HELP in these categories.  Know when and who to send the email to – and, not only will your open rates improve, but your call-to-action might actually get clicked. What a concept.

When I say a caffeine boost, I mean QUALITY not quantity. I mean actually knowing what company has a need for your product based on temporal business data and digital body language™.  I mean sharp and concise event data wrapped into your already existing solution to help you do your job that much better. 

And yes, “Coffee's for closers” – So, go ahead and drink up.

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