Friday, August 10, 2012

Add Another Tool in Your Marketing Automation and CRM Shed?

A blog post came out recently by Hubspot that peeked my interest, as most of Hubspot’s posts do, but this one particularly tuned into some things that we have been thinking about at iLantern: why marketers need to rely on many tools in their shed in order to accurately score leads and move them through the funnel. We agree you can’t set your marketing automation to autopilot and just hope for the best.

Segmentation and Lead Scoring Can Do Wonders to Your Lists

The last of the points in Hubspot’s post speak about proper segmentation and an overall marketing strategy that is more than just a blanket strategy. One size does not fit all. Segmentation is key in lead scoring.  Most companies now segment without using all the tools in their shed.  This means that simply meeting the firmographic criteria is not enough for segmentation.  This also means that tracked behavior is one component, but not the end all and be all.  One extra tool is to track event data about that company through both, your CRM and your marketing automation.  Think of it as a little boost to keep you up-to-date and provide that little extra knowledge that might change Joe Lead from A3 to C2 or vice versa, in your nurturing campaigns.

Examples Go A Long Way
Joe Lead begins in A3 in your matrix based on the below firmographic stats:
-Joe’s company is located in North East
-Joe’s company has revenue over 25 million
-Joe’s company has over 200 employees
-Joe Lead is the Managing Director and a key decision maker

Behavior stats:
-Joe Lead has downloaded a whitepaper
-Joe Lead follows your Twitter account and has re-tweeted 2x
-Joe Lead has never attended a webinar that you have offered

So how do you get Joe Lead to go from A3 to A1?  Mr. Lead needs a little more nurturing before he is passed to sales for phone follow up. But, he isn’t far from that A1 position.

Triggers/ Temporal Event Data
You need to know temporal event data, what some in the biz call, triggers, that let you know that Mr. Lead’s company just delivered their Q2 earnings, and by the looks of it they far exceeded their goals.  I bet Mr. Leads is feeling pret-tay pret-tay good.

And now you know he has the budget for your product and it probably more willing to start a conversation with you. Why not send him a congratulatory email on his good earnings? Or send an email campaign offering a webinar that may relate to increasing revenue through social media?  Or maybe, he needs a promotion offer that might help convert him to A1 status. 

The Point
The point is that we all need nurturing and we all require relevancy otherwise we hit DELETE very quickly.  With triggers you can decipher what kind of campaign you need to send based on external events as well as firmographic and behavior data.  Why not add the extra oomph to get your message heard, and in turn, put your name on the finals list?  We say: Know, Act, Close.

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