Thursday, September 20, 2012

Where Do You Fall on the Email Continuum?

Sales and marketers aren’t that different.  Both teams want to be part of something great.  We want to be proud to represent a product that adds value, and we want to be part of the growth and evolution of a company to greatness.

There are tactical things that we need to do to help that growth.  Email campaigns are one of the tactical approaches.  As you know, there are a wide range of emails that are sent to leads and clients.  Some emails are amazing and some, well, not so much.

Understandably, I get very disheartened when I receive the "not-so-much" version.

Here is an email that recently took up space in my inbox.  To be fair, we are a company whose value prop is to create personal engagement through technology.  We use technology in our favor to start conversations as a marketing and sales representives. This leads us to look at a lot of emails, probably ones that you might, otherwise, automatically delete.

Names have been covered up, because we aren’t interested in demoralizing, but using it as an example to start a larger conversation about communicating valuable messaging.  Share your message with poignancy, or at the very least, show some signs that you have researched your email recipient base.

We have no doubt that all of you can see the many problems in this email and instantly have many solutions to fix it.

So instead of giving you the specifics on what we would change, we want to discuss the most important big picture ideas:

1.     Do your research. Take a few minutes to show that you care about your email recipient.  Do they actually have a need for your services and if they do, which ones?
2.     Enable a strong segmentation process. Only send information that is applicable. For goodness sake don’t send a 500-word pricelist!   One way to help segmentation is by using conditional data to know what is happening with your leads.
3.     Think about what this type of email does to your brand equity?  How would your CMO or SVP of Sales feel if they got a glimpse of this diatribe? You are your brand, so act like you care.

We understand that it is hard to be seen and heard. We have content overload syndrome and there is no easy cure. That being said, we need to put our best foot forward.  Understanding effective communications is the key to driving more leads to closes and creating a lasting (good) impression on your leads and clients!

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