Friday, October 5, 2012

Attaining Real Knowledge is No Easy Feat - Your Smartphones Alone Can't Save You

Do you remember when you were a little kid and you asked your mom how to spell a certain word and her response was always, “Go look it up in the dictionary!" I used to hate that.  Why? Because I didn’t know how to spell the word that I was trying to look up, if I did, I would not have needed the dictionary.  I am not looking for the definition, but the spelling. Duh?

Attaining knowledge today is actually harder than the age before smart phones.  I bet you think I have hit up the company fridge a little early to make such a bold statement like that, but I can explain myself. 

Since smart phones and the Internet, no longer do I have to reach for that all-too-heavy dictionary.  The answers are, literally, at the tip of my fingers.

But, is the availability of information today negatively impacting productivity?

Recently Mark Hurd, a keynote speaker at an Oracle event stated: “90% of the world’s data was created in the last two years” That is big.  Seriously, as you are skimming this post, take a minute to fathom that. ( I will even give you a little white space.)

We are now all content “experts”.  We can push out our own information and be our own advocates.  But, in order to create a stream of knowledge that will actually be useful for your productivity you need tools—tools that can capture information and turn it into useable knowledge.  This is no easy feat.

3 tips to increase your knowledge, and therefore, your productivity:

-       Manage content with tools in one easy-access place.  Keep it simple.  You don’t need to know everything about everyone.  You need to filter in relevancy.
-       Create systems and schedules to monitor the tools and make sure that you are using them effectively and efficiently.
-       Adapt. Remember agility is the key to success in sales and marketing.  Keep your finger on the pulse of the companies you care about using the tools you have at your disposal.

The data isn’t going anywhere – it will only get harder, so discover the tools for you to get the job done making you a tad bit more knowledgable.

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