Friday, November 2, 2012

Understanding Leverage Can Move the World and Close More Deals

Archimedes famously said: “Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand, and I will move the world."  A pretty bold statement, but Archimedes was a visionary. In the basic understanding of leverage there are three main components that determine how an object can be moved: the “fulcrum”, the “load” and the “force”.  The most important feature in leverage is the position of the fulcrum, as this dictates how much force is needed to move the load.

Finding the position of the fulcrum, as it relates to sales and marketing, can be tricky, but using event data can help you discover the position of the fulcrum, so that you can determine the appropriate force you need in order to move the load.

Load – The object you are trying to move.  Think of this as your leads and clients.  In order to lift them to the desired position you need to figure out how to move them. Event data helps to determine the position of the fulcrum, so you can determine the necessary force required to move them forward towards a close.

Fulcrum –This is the point that allows the capability for action. In sales and marketing, event data is the key to the position of the fulcrum.  By figuring out where the fulcrum is, allows you to figure out the optimal force you need to move the load.

Force – This is the action you take in order to move the load.  Using event data allows you to apply less force but return higher load results. Focusing on the temporal pain points of your leads will allow you to determine the position of the fulcrum, and therefore, the correct amount of force you need to activate the lever to move the load.

The discovery of leverage helped us to do more work with less energy expenditure.  Even if you don’t want to increase your productivity, wouldn’t you want to work less and still sell the same amount?  And for you over-achievers, you have the opportunity to do more based on the simple leverage principle.  Move more leads to clients by determining the fulcrum point based on their pain points and then, applying force with the right messaging at the right time, delivering higher results.  The most important thing to understand about leverage it that these three components work together.  Without understanding the position or point of the fulcrum you will have no understanding of leverage, which means you won’t know the force you need in order to move the load.

In simpler terms: 

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