Friday, December 14, 2012

Event Data: You Complete M...y Marketing Automation

One of Hubspot’s latest posts recently landed in my inbox called: 3 Ways You’re not Using Marketing Automation (But Should be).  Immediately, my eyebrows rose in curiosity because at iLantern we have been thinking of so many ways that we could enhance the data within marketing automation.  So I clicked. Getting nearly giddy when I saw what their recommendations are for improving marketing automation.  We agree whole-heartedly, but wanted to add in some additional points.  We want to make your marketing automation more complete. Does Jerry McGuire really ever get old? I think not.  Repeat after me: ”You complete me.”

Here are Hubspot’s 3 additional usage tips for marketing automation:

-       This means set up nurturing campaigns and when we talk nurturing campaigns, we mean put your leads into the appropriate buckets dependent on their behaviors.
-       Enter iLantern. Behavior is just one data point, knowing event data about the companies that those leads are affiliated with makes your lead even more dynamic and viable once they get scored and eventually passed on to sales.

-       This really means setting up lead scoring algorithms.  When your lead has hit enough touch points they become qualified enough to push them through to your CRMs so your sales reps get notified of different actions to take.
-       Enter iLantern.  Our mission is to solve the sales and marketing divide.  How do we do that; well, we provide irrefutable data that sales and marketing teams can share and decide on appropriate messages based on that real-time event data.  It’s hard to argue with data, whether they have downloaded an ebook, listened to a webinar, and oh btw – they reported good earnings for that quarter, determines the messaging that you send to them.  I bet your sales rep would love to know that info so they can shoot them off a quick congrats and get a more solid foot in the door.

-       This means that the lead has hit all the necessary touch points and are ready to be contacted by a sales rep.  Providing the most vital firmographic information will make it that much easier for the sales rep to act immediately.
-       Enter iLantern – When we said diminish the divide we weren’t lying.  When you make it so your sales reps can do less work because you’ve used data to do all the legwork and provided easy ways for the rep to dive in, you have a happy rep. You can provide real-time event data as well as firmographic data. As a marketer, data has made your job easier too.  Event data is not only a boost to behavioral data, but a confirmation of what next steps should be in the nurturing process.

Hubspot’s suggestions for utilizing your marketing automation to its’ greatest potential is vital and will ultimately create a solid marketing and sales dynamic; but, our point is not just what to do, but what how to do it.  And to achieve your automation’s greatest potential, means incorporating event data/triggers as a boost to the other data that your automation systems are already retrieving.  The bottom line is let data be your agile guide through the marketing funnel and the sales pipeline.  Let data be the mediator between sales and marketing, so you can be on the path to not just great communication, but to more revenue. Go team!

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